WonderWindow was designed from the ground up as an open canvas -- not only for public viewing, but for public participation. The WonderWindow canvas is open to anyone who has a desire to be creative in a visual sense, in a big way! If you are interested in getting your creative work up on the WonderWindow, just read the following simple guidelines, then please, send your best!

O P E N   C A L L   T O   A R T I S T S

The WonderWindow Project is soliciting visual artists of all backgrounds and skill levels to submit content for display. We are looking for the following types of content:

  • illustration
  • still photography
  • animation segments
  • video segments
We are also looking for interactive multi-media artists whose work will run during special "live performance" timeslots. These include:
  • video performance artists
  • dancers
  • puppeteers
  • VJs
  • data-driven digital art
You don't need to be a working artist to submit your work -- amateurs as well as professionals are welcome. Anyone with a creative flair and a willingness to show their work to a broad public audience is encouraged to send content for possible inclusion. Got a cool snapshot of a sunset? A primitive stick figure animation? A fascinating video of water boiling? Send 'em in! We only ask that you please read the following brief guidelines prior to sending us your media.

S U B M I S S I O N   G U I D E L I N E S :

WonderWindow Atlantic Station is a Public Art Project by and for the People and the City of Atlanta. Its intent is to foster and spread goodwill amongst the citizens of the city. As such, content submitted should be in the spirit of unity, and must comply with the following guidelines to be considered for display:

  • no profanity
  • no political messages
  • no sexually explicit imagery
  • no hate messages
  • no commercial messages or logos
You get the picture. Now that the hard parts over, lets get specific:

F O R M A T   S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

While WonderWindow is huge, it is inherently an extreme low resolution display, as each window serves as a single discreetly colored pixel. Content can only be accepted in the following digital formats:

  • JPG, PNG or GIF for stills
  • AVI, MPG, or MOV for video or animation
Though we can accept content at any resolution, you may wish to address the system more precisely, for instance, for computer animations which take advantage of the low resolution. If you wish to adapt your content for pixel accurate replay, you need to either generate it or resample it to dimensions of 9 high by 28 wide -- remembering that you are working with a non-square pixel aspect ratio of 3:1. In otherwords, even though a square pixel representation (as you might preview on screen, for instance) will look very wide and squashed, the actual building surface is comprised of tall vertical windowpixels which makes the final display essentially square.

The following example should clarify this concept:

original hi-rez
source image

optimal resample
9x28 with 1:1 pixels

stretched for preview
9x28 with 3:1 pixels

as it will actually appear
on wonderwindow

G O   A H E A D ,   M A K E   O U R   D A Y

Got all that? Ready to see your stuff on WonderWindow? Then what are you waiting for? Email your best work as an attachment to entropy@wonderwindow.com.

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Please note that submission of content does not guarantee its display on the building. The WonderWindow Project reserves the right to reject any content for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to adherence to the above listed guidelines. If your content is selected for display, we will make every effort to contact you about the day and general timeslot when your content will appear; however, we cannot give precisely accurate showtimes due to the dynamic nature of the display and real-time applications which will run in paralell with pre-rendered content.

code your own C O D E   Y O U R   O W N !

If you are a graphics programmer, demoscene guru, or code artist, we invite you to download our free SDK and visualizer software.

Got an idea for a game, algorithmic content, or reactive content (i.e. content that is responsive to sensors, such as camera feeds, microphones, etc.)? The PlayMotion SDK allows you, the developer, to code your very own applications for display and real-time interaction on the WonderWindow! Included with the SDK is the WonderWindow Visualizer, which allows you to preview precisely how your application will appear on the building, from 4 difference fixed cameras (from right up close to a 2 mile away long-shot). So go download your free copy, and start coding for the BIG screen today!

> >   Get the PlayMotion VisionSDK!